I was diagnosed with scoliosis - a disease that causes an abnormal curve in the spine - when i was 12.


I was given a brace to wear and told to “wait and see if it got worse”. When it did, the doctor said the only option was spinal fusion - a highly invasive procedure that places screws and rods along the spine to lock it into place. In other words, I would be permanently disabled. I wasn't ready to accept that fate. 

Last year I discovered a new type of surgery. It's called VBT and will straighten my spine, restore flexibility and eliminate my torturous pain. I'll be able to perform basic tasks again like walking down stairs. Things most people do without a second thought.

The catch -

the life-changing surgery will cost me $56,000.


VBT is the life-changing surgery I've been waiting for for two decades.

The procedure involves placing screws into the spine, and then attaching them together with a flexible tensioned tether.


In contrast with the standard fusion surgery, VBT is minimally invasive, less risky, and boasts a quicker recovery time.


But most importantly - the surgery will straighten my spine while still allowing me to live a fully mobile life.

I'm looking forward to being able to do things like get out of bed, put on my own shoes, and climb stairs again without the excruciating pain.


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will support my medical expenses. 

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Seattle, Washington

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