Abstract art created with pain(t) and fire.

Seattle-based artist with severe scoliosis blazing her way to a life-changing surgery. 



In 2017 I began consistently working on my craft, 

focusing on something I loved instead of the severe pain I was in.

My technique, like my spine, is a bit deviant. 

I combine fire with spray paint on canvas to forge unique designs.


atmospheric. seductive. dreamlike. 


I have a 59 degree curve in my spine.

It's caused by a disease called Scoliosis - and it's getting worse by 1.5 degrees each year. 


Doctors told me the only way to straighten my spine was through spinal fusion -

a procedure that could permanently disable me and end my career.

To deal with the physical and emotional pain, I turned to creative abstract artwork. 

After learning about a cutting edge (and expensive) procedure called Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) that straightens the spine AND allows for a flexible movement,

I knew this is what I've been waiting for - for two decades.

To afford this life-changing surgery, I'm selling my art and fundraising on GoFundMe.

Learn more or donate here:



Seattle, Washington

© 2019 by Acuteblaze. all art and images have been imagined, created, burned, copyrighted, and are solely the property of acuteblaze©

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